Thanks for dropping by! I'm a computer scientist and senior software architect lead engineer in Washington, eking out a living writing designs, documentation, and occasionally code, thankfully no longer sitting in traffic!

I've worked at a variety of companies and in a variety of engineering positions, from front end to back end, though my inclination is generally towards large-scale or high speed data systems. Much of my experience has been with digital media (or related) companies, including a company that used to mail CD's to everyone, and another one that handled over one million qps.

I have a few other hobbies and interests, like good coffee, good food, and good beer (drinking or brewing), but also music, writing, and reading.

As I reach the close of the first decade of my career, I think I'm finally to the point of accumulating enough knowledge, experience, and nascent wisdom to begin collating it and regurgitating it, so this is a place where I can attempt to capture some of that in a slightly more cohesive way.

Definitely check out the categories of blog posts using the menu, and enjoy the mental herdings of a Shepard!